C e r t i f i c a t e o f P e d i g r e e WR03336801
American Champion and International Champion
Intl. Am. CH Essex Backdrafts Stryker CH Starrdogs Second Hand Rose Ruby Starr Dog CH Leatherneck's Waldo of ELOC CH Belle Starr of Acworth REG. NAME: TITLES: REG. #: WS06789501 BREED: BULLMASTIFF COLOR: Red BIRTH DATE: 12/29/2003 SEX: F ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Signed: CH Starrdogs Outlaws Wind of Fate BREEDER(S): Ann Hobbs OWNER: Kathy Roberts CO-OWNER: Am. CH Blackslate Boston Blackie Am. CH Blackslate Boston Brahmin Blackslate's Chimney Sweep CH Ladybug Shastid Brahminson Am. CH Ladybug Shadow of Churchill Can. CH Ladybug Korik Tribute to Rose CD Am. CH Ladybug Bianca Rose CH Ladybugs Handsome Sampson CD CH Mikell Ranah's of Leatherneck CH Leatherneck Golly Miss Molly CH Tri-Ivory Liberty MO CH Tri-Ivory Red Rodent CD CH Tri-Ivory's Murphy's Luck CH Meghan the Guardman's Punch CH Sedentary's Devilish D'Lite Apalachee Daper Don's D'Lite Bandog's Shawney No-Foolin' CH D'Lite's Double O Seven Tailwynde's Cat Three B CH D'Lite's True Reward D'Lite's Simply Ms. Porsche CH Bandog's Titus CH ELOCs Copper Magician CH Starrdogs Honkytonk Girl Catherwood Blackslate O'ELOC I certify that the information contained herein is accurate: Date